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Hooper Productions is one of the oldest and most established TV production companies in Johannesburg, Gauteng. Out reputation and experience in producing top quality television programming gives us the edge when it comes to developing concepts for broadcast. We understand the audience profiles of the various channels, what the viewer expectations are, and what the broadcasters expect from a production house. Many of our TV programmes are sponsored, so we also have expertise in finding innovative ways of giving sponsors excellent value for money, while still retaining high entertainment value for viewers.

Our skills include taking a concept and developing it, pitching it to broadcasters (where we have an exceptionally high success rate), budget planning and control, casting of presenters, finding suitable participants, location finding, crew and equipment management, creative direction, post-production and on-going support throughout the production and broadcast of the series.

The Challenge to TV Production Companies

TV production has become more and more challenging in recent years, requiring ever more creative skills to remain competitive. These challenges for production companies producing programmes for broadcast include…

  • Production budgets have remained more or less the same in spite of inflation
  • Broadcasters expect ever more creative concepts in order to attract and maintain viewers
  • The move to HD by some broadcasters have necessitated the upgrade it High Definition cameras and editing equipment
  • Many channels require producers to find sponsors for the programmes, a sometimes difficult task in these financial times

Hooper Productions constantly manages to meet and in most cases, exceed the expectations of the broadcast channels. Our long running TV series have built loyal and increasing viewerships over time, and sponsors have been more than happy with the results the have seen.

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