About Us

Hooper Productions, a Johannesburg-based company, has a well-earned reputation for generating high quality programming for television broadcast and corporate clients. Established in 1984, we have produced more than 3000 corporate and television programmes. We have our own cameras, lighting and sound equipment as well as edit suites and sound mixing facilities. All of our productions are  shot, edited and mastered on broadcast quality equipment. Although most of our work is done in-house, we do hire specialist equipment and crews where necessary

Ian Hooper Ian has co-produced and directed many successful, long running television shows. He has more than 30 years’ experience producing programmes to a high standard.

Jeremy Hooper With more than 25 years production experience and co-owner of Hooper Productions, Jeremy manages all financial and logistical aspects relating to the productions and daily business operations.

Suniti Kala Suniti has been producing and directing documentaries with us for the past 6 years. She is an exceptional researcher and scriptwriter.

Freelancers We make extensive use of freelance cameramen, directors, sound engineers, grips, editors and various other technicians who are hired on a project basis.

BEE Commitment Hooper Productions strives to go beyond mere compliance with black economic empowerment principles and aims instead to provide the benchmark for small to medium sized production companies in terms of its corporate ethic. Embracing developmental principles at all levels of production, we also aim to actively address historical imbalances through the employment of permanent and freelance specialists from previously disadvantaged groups. We are committed to black empowerment and gender equality. In employing new staff and freelancers, our policy is that of preferential procurement of skills and services from BEE candidates. Skills development and training will remain a top priority.