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Corporate Video Productions

Corporate Promotional Video Production Company Johannesburg

Are you based in Johannesburg and looking for a corporate or promotional video productions company? Corporate video is still one of the most powerful ways of getting your message across to potential clients or investors. The style of video production has changed radically in recent years, as the internet and in particular YouTube places demands on peoples time and attention spans. Promotional videos are now much shorter than they used to be, focused less on information, and more on impressions. The audience is far more sophisticated now, so the message has to be more subtle and less “in-your-face”.

Also how a video is produced and used has changed dramatically. A few years ago, corporate videos were shown on projectors to a captive audience in a boardroom or conference room. Now it is more common to be shown one-on-one on a laptop or tablet, or embedded on a website.

The Production of Corporate Videos

Before we start production on a client’s promotional video, we work closely with them to decide on how it will be used. In some cases it is preferable to make several different versions. For example a high definition ten minute video for a product launch, a five minute looped version for use at trade shows, a two minute explainer video for embedding on a website, and perhaps a thirty second mobile device commercial. Some clients even like to have rough edit copies, or B-rolls to offer to broadcasters as support visuals for added value TV exposure. So all depends on the type of promotion you have in mind.

Multiple Language Corporate DVD’s

Multiple language versions or the corporate videos are also a common request, and we are able to offer translation and voice-over services in all the official languages, as well as many other international languages. There are many different types of videos that can be produced for your business including training, safety, explainer, events coverage and others.

Hooper Productions Corporate Clients

We have produced several hundred promotional videos, corporate videos and DVD’s. Our clients include Mondi Limited, FNB, Standard Bank, Department of Foreign Affairs, Nedbank, Gencor, LG Electronics, Mega Plastics, Bayer, Top Turf Group, The Lost City, Onelogix, Davis Borkhum Hare, Food and Home, Tshwane City Council, The Headache Clinic, Daimler Chrysler, Thintana, and others. Here are clips from some of our recent productions…