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We can offer you a broad range of services relating to the production of television programmes and corporate videos. This includes every aspect of broadcast video, from concept development and pitching to broadcasters, to shooting schedules, casting, budgeting and post-production. We can also assist in the promotion of your projects through the development of websites and social media services …

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Our reputation and experience in producing top quality programming gives us the edge when it comes to developing concepts for broadcast. We understand the audience profiles of the various channels, what the viewer expectations are, and what the broadcasters expect from a production house. Many of our programmes are sponsored, so we also have expertise in finding innovative ways of giving sponsors excellent value for money, while still retaining high entertainment value for viewers. Our skills include taking a concept and developing it, pitching it to broadcasters (where we have an exceptionally high success rate), budget planning and control, casting of presenters, finding suitable participants, location finding, crew and equipment management, creative direction, post-production and on-going support throughout the production and broadcast of the series.

Corporate Video

A corporate video is still one of the most powerful ways of getting your message across to potential clients or investors. The style has changed radically in recent years, as the internet and in particular YouTube places demands on peoples time and attention spans. Videos are now much shorter than they used to be, focused less on information, and more on impressions. The audience is far more sophisticated now, so the message has to be more subtle and less “in-your-face”.

Also how a video is used has changed dramatically. A few years ago, corporate videos were shown on projectors to a captive audience in a boardroom or conference room. Now it is more common to be shown one-on-one on a laptop or tablet, or embedded on a website.

Before we start production on a client’s corporate video, we work closely with them to decide on how it will be used. In some cases it is preferable to make several different versions. For example a high definition ten minute version for a product launch, a five minute looped version for use at trade shows, a two minute version for embedding on a website, and perhaps a thirty second television commercial. Some clients even like to have rough edit copies to offer to broadcasters as support visuals for added value TV exposure.

Multiple language versions are also a common request, and we are able to offer translation and voice-over services in all the official languages, as well as many other international languages.

Training video

Training videos are an important part of many larger companies training programmes. These can be formatted for viewing on DVD or websites. Training videos can be supplied in multiple language versions.

Safety video

Safety videos are without doubt the most cost-effective way of providing essential training required by law on most industrial sites. Quite often this is seen as a grudge purchase by clients, who see no direct return on the investment. How an accident where employees or visitors have not been adequately briefed in safety measures can be a lot more expensive. Safety videos can be provided in multiple language versions.

Events coverage

If you are planning an event of some significance – a product launch, symposium, celebration, sports event etc – you should consider having it recorded on video. Once again many different uses can be found for this material. For example to offer the footage to broadcasters who may be unwilling or unable to send their own crews, and to post on your website or Facebook pages – a great way to add credibility to your business.

Web video

While full-length corporate video can be embedded on your website, a purpose-made web video that can be sent via e-mail is a much better option for online viral marketing. The online audience’s attention span is very short, and the challenge here is to get them to watch the whole thing. So it needs to be short and impactful, different, stand out from the crowd and hopefully make them want to send it on to their friends. There is no doubt that the most effective way of getting your message out there is through viral marketing. And the best news of all, it’s free!

DVD Authoring

Once you have produced your corporate video, you need to have a way of distributing it. While web video is one choice, there are many times when you want to send a copy to a client, show it at a function, hand out ten or a hundred copies. Then DVD is the right choice. We can create a master DVD with an attractive menu, supply jewel cases or more sturdy DVD boxes, design and print DVD and case labels, and arrange bulk duplication.

Video editing

If you are a broadcast or corporate producer, or you already have footage shot for your company, or have an old corporate video that needs freshening up, we can provide editors and edit facilities for you. We have three edit suites, and a select list of editors who can turn your footage into a masterpiece!

Sound Mixing

All our sound mixing is done in-house on our own recently upgraded Nuendo mixing suite. Jeremy has mixed hundreds of programmes for our corporate and broadcast clients and has truly mastered the art. We have a huge music and sound effects library and can assist you with obtaining music rights clearance.

Stock Footage

We have an extensive library of stock footage that we can offer to add value to your productions at very reasonable rates. This varies from nature and wildlife, to motoring and industrial footage.

Pitch Development

If you have a concept for a TV series or documentary that you would like to pitch to a broadcaster, we can assist you in preparing your proposal , including concept development, budget preparation, presenter casting, crew suggestions, location advice, and the final pitch coaching. WE have a high success rate in this area.