Waardevol TV programme

Waardevol TV Programme

Waardevol Television Programme

Hooper Productions is now producing Waardevol TV Programme for kykNET. Following a damaging worldwide recession, South Africans continue to tangibly feel the daily effects as statistics show that as much as five years of household wealth has been wiped out. People across all LSM’s are deeply over-indebted, and looking for ways to become more money savvy. kykNET viewers are no different, as we’ve discovered through countless conversations and informal market research we’ve conducted with viewers and guests while producing another series for kykNET called Maatband. There’s a need for financial advice, taking into account lifestyle choices, aspirations and fears.

So you want to dress to the nines and look like your favourite celeb? And what about that tired lounge suite that’s crying out for a makeover? On top of that, your kids are nagging you to get the latest PlayStation, and your mom needs a loan to cover her medical aid self-payment gap? kykNET’s latest flagship programme Waardevol is here to help you navigate the choppy waters of financial fretting!!!

With a pacey mix of credible money-saving advice, well planned location adventures, interviews with industry experts and a ton of fun and light hearted content, Waardevol will show you how to live the glamorous life without breaking the bank. This is not one of those boring studio-based doom and gloom financial shows.

Instead we will be showing you that penny pinching is not only empowering but loads of fun too. Whether you’re a stay at home mum, a teenager, a student or a retiree, all your financial questions will be answered on Waardevol!

Each 24 minute episode of Waardevol will have 3 inserts of approximately 4 to 7 minutes, leaving space for a smaller 3 minute insert. Driven by our vivacious presenter, Elma Postma, we will be providing viewers with practical, easy to follow steps on how to save money in virtually every aspect of daily life.